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Beehive has Varroa Destructor mite – why can’t I kill them ?

Honey bees harmed with sickness disease caused by paracitic varroa destructor mite in their beehive. [...]

Beehive Inspection – Summer 2021 – what did we see ?

Learning to identify what you see in your Beehive – information about nectar, pollen and [...]

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Banned in the EU But Still Sold in NZ – KM157

This week we ask why the EU is banning pesticides and What are some great [...]

Creating a Water Source for Bees

Here is an update to a story we did back in 2009. The original wooden [...]


6 Best Methods to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Looking for ways on how to create a bee-friendly garden? Find out the six most [...]


How to Create a Flower Garden with Year-Round Blooms

Were you thinking about creating a beautiful landscape in your yard? Well, for gardening beginners, [...]


End of the Spring World Cup – KM080

This week we are talking about fungi, Bee Stings and Killer Bees. This is Episode [...]


TreeHive Beehive …part two…swarming

Part two of what we now affectionately call the 'Treehive Beehive'

Whats Blooming at kiwimana HQ….beekeeping, apiary, gardens, flowers

Its now well into Autumn here in New Zealand - April 2015. This beekeeping season [...]

When I’m Sixty Four – KM064

This week we present our 64th beekeeping podcast, We are talking about Bee Products, Neonicotinoid [...]

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