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12 Must See Ted Talks for Beekeepers

Do you love learning about Bees? Here is our top twelve favorite Ted Talks about [...]


Buzzy Bee – Lets go for a Ride

Here is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to own one of these Kiwi Icons and earn some [...]

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Happy New Year Beekeepers – KM062

Our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Anarchist Beekeeping, beekeeping training programs and [...]

Thyme Waits for no Beekeeper – KM056

Our latest beekeeping podcast. This week we are talking about Less Invasive Beekeeping, Young Chapie [...]

Raymond Huber – Beekeeping Author – KM033

In this podcast we chat with Raymond Huber an author who has recently published a [...]


Bee Hive Stand – Introducing the kiwimana Hive Stand

Hive Stand - What is a hive stand and do I really need one for [...]


Lucas Blair and the Lost Bee – KM028

This week we are talking to Lucas Blair from Little Bird Games. Lucus is developing [...]


Happy New Year Guys!!! – KM014

The fourteenth podcast from the the team at kiwimana. This week we are talking about [...]

Tutin in Toxic Honey – Searching for Tutu while Treasure Hunting

Tutin a Toxin and found in the Tutu Plants in New Zealand. We went our [...]