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The Hibernation is Over – KM110

This episode we are talking about Common Beekeeping Mistakes and can you really eat Crystallised [...]

The Hibernation is Over *Extra* – KM110B

In this weeks Bonus Show we are talking about why No Spray Zones are not [...]

What are the 3 basics to start Beekeeping? Part 2 – 5 Essential Beehive Components

What are the essential pieces of hive ware that make up a modern Langstroth beehive? [...]


How to do a Sugar Shake Mite Count – Video

In this video we show you How to do a Sugar Shake Mite Count, using [...]

What are the 3 basics to start beekeeping? Part 1 – Essential Beekeeping Equipment

Have you ever wondered what you need to start Beekeeping? Here is the Essential Beekeeping [...]


Slow go on the Honey Flow – KM103

This week we are talking about Huge Wasp Nests and a Terrible Honey season Downunder. [...]

Beekeeping 357 with Joe Lewis – KM099

This week we are talking to Joe Lewis from Maryland in the big Ol' US [...]


Winter Worries…Survival mode for Spring – KM094

This week we are talking about the New Bee Season 2016 for us kiwi’s, history [...]


Life Styling with Ease…Getting Ready for Spring 2016…KM093

This podcast is a helpful and handy chat about preparing for Bee Season 2016. What [...]

Manuka Madness – KM091

In this podcast we are talking about Bee vandals, Council RatBags and what to do [...]

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