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Bees Have Had a Guts Full

Not only do our kiwi honey bees have to deal with this blimmin' parasite they [...]

From Chills to Thrills – KM145

In this episode we talk about Mānuka honey fraud and a 'catastrophic' French honey harvest. [...]

Disappointment All Round – KM144

In this episode we talk about disappointment, Northland beekeepers and ApiNZ. We also have roving [...]

Thousands of Bees Killed in Lyttelton – KM140

In this episode we talk about the suspected pesticide killing of bees near Christchurch and [...]

Wintering Down Beehives

How do we winter down ?  We run our Beehive colonies with two full-depth [...]

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Manuka Honey Goes to Court – KM138

In this episode we talk about why the Ministry of Primary industries is taking a [...]

Manuka Honey Explosion – KM137

In this episode, we discuss why there are too many bees in the Hawkes Bay [...]

Kiwimana Christmas Wishes – KM132

Merry Christmas!!! In show we discuss Beekeeping tips, what an Egyptian beekeeper is up too [...]

Things You Need To Know About Mad Honey *Bonus Buzz* – KM131B

This week we are talking about Jars of Honey selling for $1800 and why Mad [...]

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8 Spring Flowers That Attract Australian Native Bees

Bees are wonderful and hardworking creatures. But due to climate change and landscapes which are [...]