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Removing the Apistan Strips

Well its week seven and we planned to removed the Apistan strips this week, the [...]

Honey 1 gets some Apistan strips treatment

Well took my chances today in between the Auckland Rain showers to inspect one of [...]



Checked Mokoroa again today and it still has around twenty bee’s, but the hive is [...]

We made a Solar Wax Extractor

We have been using a series of plastic boxes and bits of paper towel as [...]

The Honey Extraction Process – Our First Extraction

The Honey Extraction Process, we discuss the first time we extracted honey way back in [...]


Goldie Inspection

Today we did an inspection on the Goldie hive, we checked the two supers, the [...]

Honey 1

Hi everyone, well yesterday was a dit damp but we went ahead to check the [...]

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