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Detroit Bee City – KM156

In this episode we talk about Bees in Detroit and why Almond Milk is not [...]

Fighting The Threat Of Extinction – KM153

In this episode we have some real positive news stories …we talk about Riverside bees [...]

From Chills to Thrills – KM145

In this episode we talk about Mānuka honey fraud and a 'catastrophic' French honey harvest. [...]

Question Time *Bonus* – KM126B

This week we are talking about Beekeeping Gloves and will Banning neonicotinoids lead to more [...]

Beekeeping in the Hills of Wellington – We talk to Jim Hepburn – KM125

Jim and Jill went up the hill not to collect water but keep bees successfully [...]

Rocking and Rollin at the Speed of 100 – KM100

In this show we talk about the Speed of 100, 20,000 Shakes, Zika Virus Murder, [...]


The Temperature is Rising – KM082

In this weeks beekeeping podcast we discuss Spring, Summer, Winter bees and high honey prices. [...]

Thyme Waits for no Beekeeper – KM056

Our latest beekeeping podcast. This week we are talking about Less Invasive Beekeeping, Young Chapie [...]

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Megan Paska – The Rooftop Beekeeper – KM048

Megan Paska is a Beekeeper and Farmer. She is the author of the new book [...]