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We made a Solar Wax Extractor

We have been using a series of plastic boxes and bits of paper towel as a solar wax extractor, but these only worked when the day was hotter than hell.  So we designed a Solar Wax Extractor from parts found around the house. I built a box big enough to hold the $6 baking tray […]

Our First Extraction

Yesterday we inspected the Goldie hive, just checked the supers.  We were keen to see how the girls got on with capping some more frames of honey. (Double click on the images to enlarge) We managed to find only three frames that had over 80% capped honey on both sides, so we convinced the girls […]

Candles another Gift from the Bees

We will have been extracting wax from the hives for a while now, using a solar wax extractor. We finally got around to getting some wick and made some candles, bought the glasses from a store called Spotlight here in Auckland. We are sure you can find a similar glass in your local area; they […]