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Making a Gallon of Mead: Micro Mead Making With Michael Jordan – KM160

Michael Jordan is a Beekeeper, Educator and Mead Maker from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. In this [...]

Detroit Bee City – KM156

In this episode we talk about Bees in Detroit and why Almond Milk is not [...]

Is Honey Good for Kids – KM155

In this episode we ask Is there any Health Benefits for Children to eat Honey [...]

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Disappointment All Round – KM144

In this episode we talk about disappointment, Northland beekeepers and ApiNZ. We also have roving [...]

Q and A – Finding Bees and stopping wasps – KM143

In this show we answer questions about finding Bees, stopping wasps and Winter Preparations. This [...]

Beekeeping in the Hawkes Bay with Beekeeper John Berry – KM142

John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and has worked in the family Business "Arataki [...]

Oh Dear…Burglar covered in Bee Stings – KM141

In this episode we talk about bees fighting burglars and a massive wasp nest has [...]


Thousands of Bees Killed in Lyttelton – KM140

In this episode we talk about the suspected pesticide killing of bees near Christchurch and [...]

Chicken Coops and Bee Hives for the Future – KM139

This week we learn about a new project involving sustainable schools and we learn how [...]

Beekeeping Practices – Varroa – 20th versus 21st Century

21st Century Beekeeping In our view, it is now time to review OLD beekeeping practices. [...]