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Foundationless frames no good for brood frames

We have been experimenting with foundationless frames and getting the bees to create their own foundation. The problem with doing this on brood frames is that the bees tend to create more drone comb and we would rather their build this in our drone management frames. So we can keep varroa numbers lower. Drone management […]

AFB Check at Earthsong

Went along to check on a hive at the Earthsong, which is an Eco-Neighbourhood project based in Ranui in West Auckland. For more information about this project please check out their web site HERE. It seemed like a great place indeed very peaceful with loads of gardens about. Conny had asked us to come and […]

Driving around Auckland Picking up things…

Had a busy day today visiting our local bee keeping supply shop to pick up some frames. We don’t make our own frames as it’s not worth the time it would take to make them. I have made up some Kiwimana Drone Brood management frames with them. We are going to sell some of these […]

Inspection of Honey 1 – The Queens Great Escape

Checked the weather forecast and it looked good until tomorrow, it has been predicated to rain tomorrow. Started the inspection at 2:30 PM. Started the inspection by taking off the roof, no sign of comb or Bees in the new “Kiwimana bee hive roof”. Looks like the bees don’t see the roof as an extension […]

Honey 1 – Second Sugar Shaking the hive II

Well it was a nice day in the hills of West Auckland, so it was time to do the second sugar shake treatment on Honey 1. I made it a bit easier this time, I sieved all the icing sugar or (powdered sugar for our American readers) in the Kitchen beforehand. So I only took […]

Honey 1 Inspection and Mokoroa 1 gets new Queen!!

The day started off pretty grey in the Waitakere Hills, so wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to put in the new Queen that I picked up last night from “Dals Pollination“. The weather picked up around lunch time, so I headed out to the Bee gardens. After reading many articles on […]

Mokoroa 1 – The Queen is Dead RIP

Well Mokoroa 1 hasn’t been going well at all, at first the Queen was only laying on one frame. And 90% of what she did lay were drones, so we suspected the Queen was a drone layer. I got in touch with the Queen Breeder “Dals Pollination” and Dallas agreed to exchange the Queen for […]