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The Bees and Your Backyard: What All The Gardening Buzz is About

Many of us have often thought about getting into gardening. The concept of growing our own food is one of the oldest of American traditions—to get your hands dirty in the upturned soil, and to watch as, over time, seeds turn into beautiful flowers, herbs or vegetables. But did you know that gardening can actually help to protect one of the most important species on the planet?

Keeping nine frames in a ten frame box

I found this clever tip on the beebehavior.com site to keep nine frames easily spaced in a ten frame box. Using only nine frames causes the bees to build out the wax further, and surprisingly you will get more honey than if you used ten frames. Also as the wax extends out further, it’s easier […]

Our First Extraction

Yesterday we inspected the Goldie hive, just checked the supers.  We were keen to see how the girls got on with capping some more frames of honey. (Double click on the images to enlarge) We managed to find only three frames that had over 80% capped honey on both sides, so we convinced the girls […]