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Happy Holidays – KM083

This week we are talking about Bee friendly Gardens, are two queens better than one [...]

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Tree Hive…branching out…Swarming…Part One

Margaret's account of how she removed a swarm of bees that had taken up residence [...]

Don’t Pee on Beehives – KM070

This week we are talking about Hive thefts, Wasps and Peeing on Beehives? This is [...]

How to get started with Urban Beekeeping in Australia – Doug Purdie – KM065

This week we bring you a chat with Doug Purdie, Doug is an urban beekeeper [...]

The Swinging Sixties – KM060

This week we are talking about Bumble Bees, Monsanto and How Do Honeybees Smell? This [...]


The Beekeeping Season 2014 is Here – KM053

Well its spring, in this beekeeping podcast we discuss Inspection Tips, a Horrible Whodunit and [...]

Urban Beekeeping Threatened in Auckland

Another threat to Urban Beekeeping in Auckland has been discovered, please make a submission before [...]


Top Ten Urban Beekeeping Questions – KM045

Episode Forty five of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Urban Beekeeping [...]

Teaching Children about bees with The Bee Lady…Sara Russ…KM044

Sara is a qualified early childhood teacher and is passionate about bees and beekeeping and [...]


Tyson Kaiser is an Ethical Bee Remover – KM039

Tyson Kaiser is an ethical bee remover in the Los Angeles, California area and an [...]