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Spring Assessment – Beginner Beekeeper and Bees

This is an email I have sent out to our Beeginuzz. Which you may find [...]

Beekeeping on International Podcast Day!!! – KM078

We are talking about adapting honeybees, Surplus secrets and International Podcast Day. This is Episode [...]

Springing Along with Hoppity – KM076

This week we are talking about Bee Friendly Plants, 7 Amazing Bee Facts and Russian [...]

TreeHive Beehive …part two…swarming

Part two of what we now affectionately call the 'Treehive Beehive'

What types of Beehives can you get in New Zealand?

What types of Beehives are available in New Zealand, Margaret investigates the differences in the [...]

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CCD in New Zealand? Take me down to the Parasite City – KM074

This week we are talking about parasite’s, Nosema, 3,000-year-old beehives and Counterfeit Honey? This is [...]

Tree Hive…branching out…Swarming…Part One

Margaret's account of how she removed a swarm of bees that had taken up residence [...]

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Garden: the Natural Way

Wasps are your garden’s helpful pollinators. But if they become too many or attacked your [...]


End of the Season – KM072

This week we are talking about Disappearance of bees, Liquid Gold and transforming your balcony. [...]

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How to Prepare a Beehive for Winter In New Zealand

How to Prepare a Beehive for Winter, our guide to what we do at kiwimana [...]