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How to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space in Your Small Yard

Trust us when we say this, a small yard is a blessing in disguise. There’s a lot that you can experiment with in case of small yards rather than the big luscious gardens. You can utilize a small space, make the most of it by undertaking planting and gardening and therefore, turn it into a creative tiny backyard with just a little effort.

Minding your own Beeswax

A couple of months ago we heard about a process at the Franklin Bee Club to clean up dirty Beeswax from your solar wax extractor or direct from your capping’s bucket. We had some left over wax from last years honey harvest that needed cleaning up. (1) You need some type of gas cooker (we […]

Honey 2 – first inspection

Observed from a distance since being placed, honey 2 was quite quiet.  Over the following days you could see that there was more activity so I decided to inspect today. First frames are empty but the girls are definitely cleaning the foundation wax.  As I went further into the hive, which incidently has only one […]