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Beekeeping Practices – Varroa – 20th versus 21st Century

21st Century Beekeeping In our view, it is now time to review OLD beekeeping practices. [...]

Wintering Down Beehives

How do we winter down ?  We run our Beehive colonies with two full-depth [...]

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Manuka Honey Goes to Court – KM138

In this episode we talk about why the Ministry of Primary industries is taking a [...]

The Miracle of Mixing Foundation – KM136

This episode we talk about Mixing Foundations and how a Dunedin couple are thinking outside [...]

Is Honey Good for Your Diabetes – KM135

This week we are discussing if Honey and Diabetes are a good combo and some [...]

Understanding The Beehive Jive – KM134

Paul and Tracey are Beekeeping friends from South London, who are the hosts of The [...]

Things You Need To Know About Mad Honey *Bonus Buzz* – KM131B

This week we are talking about Jars of Honey selling for $1800 and why Mad [...]

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Christmas Time in the Bee Yard – KM131

In this episode we are talking about Beekeeping in Belfast, A famous Beekeeping Author has [...]

10 Mistakes New Beekeepers Make

The art of beekeeping can be very exciting, but if you are a beginning beekeeper, [...]


Is Roundup Safe Around Bees? – KM130

This week Does Roundup really harm Bees? Trapped Beetle tells its story, Bee Swarms take [...]