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The Honeybee Corridor – KM152

In this episode we talk about a Honeybee Corridor and can American Foul brood be [...]

Q & A – Do you have to keep bees warm over winter – KM151

In this show we answer questions about Keeping Bee Warm, Mites, Robbing Bees and pesky [...]

Gutting News from up North – KM150

In this episode we talk about hive vandals up North and another reason why Glyphosate [...]

You betcha Troubling Times in South Dakota – KM148

In this episode we learn about an Iranian startup creating Smart Beehives and why are [...]

Bee Aware it’s almost Spring – KM146

It's Bee Month in New Zealand!! In this episode we talk about Mass Bee Deaths [...]

From Chills to Thrills – KM145

In this episode we talk about Mānuka honey fraud and a 'catastrophic' French honey harvest. [...]

Oh Dear…Burglar covered in Bee Stings – KM141

In this episode we talk about bees fighting burglars and a massive wasp nest has [...]


Feeding Honey Bees while Splitting

Is it OK to feed bees, during the splitting process. Margaret responds to a question [...]

Thousands of Bees Killed in Lyttelton – KM140

In this episode we talk about the suspected pesticide killing of bees near Christchurch and [...]

Honey Bee Honey versus Sugar Syrup

We ask what nutrition does honey provide that sugar-syrup does not? What is better for [...]

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