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Q and A – Don’t Blow my Buzz – KM158

In this show we answer questions about Controlling Varroa Mites, People Allergic to Bees and [...]

Is Honey Good for Kids – KM155

In this episode we ask Is there any Health Benefits for Children to eat Honey [...]

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Bees Have Had a Guts Full

Not only do our kiwi honey bees have to deal with this blimmin' parasite they [...]

Manuka Honey Explosion – KM137

In this episode, we discuss why there are too many bees in the Hawkes Bay [...]

Kiwimana Christmas Wishes – KM132

Merry Christmas!!! In show we discuss Beekeeping tips, what an Egyptian beekeeper is up too [...]

Use Fire to Remove Bees and Your House *Bonus* – KM127B

This week we are talking about Planting for Honeybees and why Bee Removers don’t use [...]

Beekeeping Banter Round Up *Bonus* – KM124B

This week we are talking about bastard councils and making soap from bees. This is [...]

Beekeeping Banter Round Up – KM124

Beekeeping Banter Round Up - This week we talk about Victory for Mānuka, Beekeepers on [...]

12 Must See Ted Talks for Beekeepers

Do you love learning about Bees? Here is our top twelve favorite Ted Talks about [...]


Vanquish the Varroa – KM121

This episode we talk about Bumper Honey season in New Zealand, Lithium? Is this another [...]

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