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How to Create a Flower Garden with Year-Round Blooms

Were you thinking about creating a beautiful landscape in your yard? Well, for gardening beginners, there are numerous tips and tricks to growing and maintaining a gorgeous garden. Here is our best advice on how to create a flower garden that’ll look pretty everyday of the year.

Whats Blooming at kiwimana HQ….beekeeping, apiary, gardens, flowers

Its now well into Autumn here in New Zealand – April 2015. This beekeeping season we have really enjoyed a long Summer even though the honey flow was late, our Honey Bee splits were late – its been pretty challenging all-round this Bee Season but all-in-all we have now have some strong colonies going in to Winter.

Storm in Auckland and the new Kiwimana Hive Roof

Followers of our FaceBook page would have seen the terrible weather we had in Auckland over the weekend which inspired us to continue further work on our “Kiwimana Hive Roof” prototype. I spent time finishing off our prototype after visiting our local wood yard (also buying some more wood for other “ideas” and projects). The […]