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Auckland Bee Club and New Bees

Today I went along to the Mid Month Auckland Bee Club meeting, the discussion was based on swarms, which was run by Dennis a very experienced bee-keeper. These mid monthly meetings are more about getting together with like-minded people, that also love bees. On my way home I went around to Franks house to check […]

Queen of the Sun movie review

We went along tonight to the Academy cinema on Lorne Street in Auckland city to attend the premiere of Queen of the Sun. The young Greens organised a fund-raising night for the upcoming election campaign. It was good to meet Vernon Tava one of the young Greens and discuss some issues affecting the bees in […]

Update on natural mite fall….

Today we went to the Auckland Beekeepers Club meeting, it was good to put a face to the Massey bee enthusiast – sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat further.  I took my photos of the crawling things and showed it around, the scary looking one that looks like a scorpion is called “pseudoscorpion” check […]