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When I’m Sixty Four – KM064

This week we present our 64th beekeeping podcast, We are talking about Bee Products, Neonicotinoid [...]

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The Swinging Sixties – KM060

This week we are talking about Bumble Bees, Monsanto and How Do Honeybees Smell? This [...]


Beekeeping Course – Introduction to the World of Beekeeping

Here at kiwimana we are Beekeepers who want to help those interested in Bees and [...]

Auckland Council Bees Bylaw

Auckland Council have put Bees under the "Animal Management Bylaws". Margaret discusses her views on [...]

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The Beekeeping Season 2014 is Here – KM053

Well its spring, in this beekeeping podcast we discuss Inspection Tips, a Horrible Whodunit and [...]

Break? …what break? apiary maintenance, beekeeping supplies

Margaret's summary of our winter break and pre-bee season preparations.

Louise The Goat – KM051

Episode fifty one of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about neonicotinoids, Louise, [...]


infested ! … with Varroa !!

A Bee Colony is with a Varroa infestation threat discovered by Margaret in routine apiary [...]


Has it all just become too much?

A tale of woe and despair, an update on what is happening at kiwimana and [...]


….bzzz….what to do when you have grumpy bees….

Angry Bees, some things to think about before re-queening. Margaret talks about some reasons why [...]