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The Temperature is Rising – KM082

In this weeks beekeeping podcast we discuss Spring, Summer, Winter bees and high honey prices. [...]

End of the Spring World Cup – KM080

This week we are talking about fungi, Bee Stings and Killer Bees. This is Episode [...]


TreeHive Beehive …part two…swarming

Part two of what we now affectionately call the 'Treehive Beehive'

What types of Beehives can you get in New Zealand?

What types of Beehives are available in New Zealand, Margaret investigates the differences in the [...]

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CCD in New Zealand? Take me down to the Parasite City – KM074

This week we are talking about parasite’s, Nosema, 3,000-year-old beehives and Counterfeit Honey? This is [...]

Tree Hive…branching out…Swarming…Part One

Margaret's account of how she removed a swarm of bees that had taken up residence [...]

End of the Season – KM072

This week we are talking about Disappearance of bees, Liquid Gold and transforming your balcony. [...]

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Whats Blooming at kiwimana HQ….beekeeping, apiary, gardens, flowers

Its now well into Autumn here in New Zealand - April 2015. This beekeeping season [...]

Sick Queen Bee !!! – EP068

This week we are talking about Bee-Friendly Gardens, Naked People and you want to be [...]

Awesome Autumn – KM066

This week we are talking about Dry weather causing chaos and the flow hive. This [...]