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Rocking and Rollin at the Speed of 100 – KM100

In this show we talk about the Speed of 100, 20,000 Shakes, Zika Virus Murder, [...]


Apiary Awesomeness in Splitsville – KM098

This week we are talking about Splitsville, Magical Skincare Face Wash, Miss Beehaven in Paihia [...]


Collecting Bee Swarms – We talk to “Swarm Patrol’s” Andrew Guzowski – KM097

On this show we talk about Swarms and Swarm Patrol with Andrew Guzowski who is [...]

Bee a Varroa Vigilantee with a Vengence – KM095

In this show we are talking about Threat action, Cowboys, Pesticide Positive action in Vancouver, [...]

Life Styling with Ease…Getting Ready for Spring 2016…KM093

This podcast is a helpful and handy chat about preparing for Bee Season 2016. What [...]

Manuka Madness – KM091

In this podcast we are talking about Bee vandals, Council RatBags and what to do [...]

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Proven Bee Stings Techniques That Work – KM089

We are talk about Preventing Bee Stings, Leonardo DiCaprio and Painting Boxes. This is Episode [...]

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Freedom Camping in kiwimana Nirvana Land – KM087

This week we are talking about when Great Britain came to kiwi nirvana land, Addiction, [...]

Robbing Screen – How to Stop Wasps and Bees Robbing Your Bee Hives

A Robbing Screen is a placed in the front of the honey beehive entrance. To [...]


Happy Holidays – KM083

This week we are talking about Bee friendly Gardens, are two queens better than one [...]

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