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Bee Buzz Build Up – KM128

In this episode we are talking about Maybe that new treatment isn't the best for [...]

Springtime for Down Under Beekeepers – KM127

In this episode we are talking about Coles dropping Imported Honey, What is invading the [...]

Lots to Bee Getting on With! – KM126

kiwimana is a place where the beekeeping community can share a conversation and connect and [...]

Beekeeping Banter Round Up – KM124

Beekeeping Banter Round Up - This week we talk about Victory for Mānuka, Beekeepers on [...]

How to Prepare Your Bees for Autumn

Yes it's that time to plan for the coming season, and in this article, as [...]


Vanquish the Varroa – KM121

This episode we talk about Bumper Honey season in New Zealand, Lithium? Is this another [...]

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Beekeeping Bonanza 2018 – KM119

This week we are talking about Rescuers fight through swarms, 7 Queen Bee Facts, How [...]

Summer Awesomeness in New Zealand Beekeeping – KM118

Ho Ho Ho, The Joy of Christmas is on its way. We are drinking Mead [...]

Manuka is a Maori Word (so there) – KM116

Who owns the Name Manuka Honey?, Monsanto targets bee-killing varroa and Do 1 In 10 [...]

Stinking Success – KM114

This week we are talking about new weed killer causes a stink, criminal elements, and [...]