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The Bee Whisperer ‘Michael Jordan’ – KM077

In this show we are talk to Michael Jordan 'The Bee Whisperer' from Wyoming. Michael [...]

What types of Beehives can you get in New Zealand?

What types of Beehives are available in New Zealand, Margaret investigates the differences in the [...]

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End of the Season – KM072

This week we are talking about Disappearance of bees, Liquid Gold and transforming your balcony. [...]

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Happy New Year Beekeepers – KM062

Our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Anarchist Beekeeping, beekeeping training programs and [...]

Swarms Coming Out of Our Ears – KM058

Hi this is Episode fifty eight of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking [...]

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Paraffin Wax and It’s uses in Beekeeping

Paraffin Wax and its uses for the beekeeper, it's used by commercial beekeepers to disinfect [...]


Karen Bean – Off grid Beekeeping – KM036

We chat with Karen Bean from Marple Falls, Washington State. Karen runs a successful Beekeeping [...]


What to Look For During a Hive Inspection

What to Look For During a Hive Inspection? Here are the top things we look [...]


Spring is a Sprunging! – KM029

In this podcast we discuss our spring build up in New Zealand, fears about Urban [...]

NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference 2013

This post is about the NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference that Gary spoke at over the [...]