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AHBIC – Australia Honey Bee Industry Council announcement

Kiwimana received an email from the Autralian Honey Bee Industry Council Received 24th June 2022 [...]

AFB National American Foul Brood Pest Management PLan – Thank you. 2021

Email received from the Management Agency – just for reference purposes only we have shared [...]

Beehive Inspection Spring 30 November 2021

Due to the losses of my beehives after last Winter, I decided that I couldn’t [...]

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The Honeybee Corridor – KM152

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American Foulbrood Elimination – a Video Series by the AFB Management Agency

A great video series by Plant and Food in New Zealand about the history and [...]

Manuka is a Maori Word (so there) – KM116

Who owns the Name Manuka Honey?, Monsanto targets bee-killing varroa and Do 1 In 10 [...]

What are the 3 basics to start beekeeping? Part 3 – 6 Essential Pieces of Info About Beekeeping

What are the basics to start Beekeeping. Margaret talks about the 6 Essential Pieces of [...]


Bee a Varroa Vigilantee with a Vengence – KM095

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