Swarms, Swarms and Swarms!! – KM011

The 11th Podcast from the Team at kiwimana, hear what we have been up to. This month we talk about Swarms, IPM and five reasons to learn about beekeeping

What’s happening at Kiwimana

How do you Split a Bee Colony

Peter Smith Explains how to split a hive, a process that we have now completed.

New this month:-

New Zealand’s bees under attack, an article from John Hartnell

  • Varroa Mites Biggest Risk
  • Australia is our single biggest biosecurity threat

New Zealand’s bees under attack

Millions of bees slaughtered

John Whitehead, of Kerikeri, is offering $8000 for information on the poisoning of about 90 hives on four sites along Paponga Rd, near Broadwood.
Millions of bees slaughtered

Five reasons to learn beekeeping – Hannah from the Eden Project

*** Update Dec 2016 – This post has been removed from the edenproject.com website :{ ***

  • Bees produce fresh honey
  • Bees help with the garden
  • Bees keep you calm
  • Beekeeping isn’t hard
  • Bees need help

Bucket of American Foulbrood puts Eugene, Oregan bees in peril

Bucket of American Foulbrood
Movie – Some idiot dumped a bucket of honey infected with American Foul Brood on the side of the road.

The Benefits Of Raw Honey vs Conventional Honey

The Benefits Of Raw Honey

  • Isn’t pasteurised or Heated
  • Helps with burns and wound healing
  • Contains more Pollen and can help with hay fever

Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites ??? Part 1

Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites ??? Part 1
We talk about the recent testing on the Whenuapai 1 hive at kiwimana HQ.

A tale of three stings – A funny swarm story


What is IPM?

Margaret discusses how we do IPM at the kiwimana, she is going to be blogging about the IPM methods we use.

Our First Swarm of the New Zealand Bee Season


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