Sugar Shaking and Inspecting Bee Hives

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Did two things in the bee garden today. Sugar shook the Honey 1 Hive for the fourth time. It was due to be done last weekend. But the weather was not good for opening bee hives (Raining). Honey 1 sugar shake Removed the two supers from top of the hive and then removed the upper brood boxes. Honey 1 still had four levels at the start of inspection. I sugar shook the hive with icing sugar this time and noticed that the mite drop was amazing, within minutes we had quite a high number of mites on the inspection tray (See photo). Much better than the grainy sugar we used last time, we still think it’s a great idea to create your own icing sugar, but we need to obtain a grinder that will do the job. In regards to the supers, I reduced them down to one super. Removed around eight frames to be extracted. and added three frames of partial nectar frame to Mokoroa 1. Mokoroa inspection The upper frames don’t have any nectar or honey on them, some have been built out. These girls need to pull up their socks and get some more food in for winter. Also noticed the other day there was condensation of the flat tin roof, we need to build some “Kiwimana Bee Hive roofs” for the rest of our hives to stop this issue. There is not much Honey in the hive, so I’m concerned about these guys. Moved some nectar frames from Honey 1. Hopefully these frames will encourage the bees of Mokoroa to get some more nectar for the winter months. We may have to look at feeding them some sugar to help them. Frame by Frame Breakdown (Lower Brood)
First 3/4 Frame of mainly Honey (Moved to lower Brood)
Second Brood Strong – Some week old Larvae
Third Brood and Pollen
Fourth Brood – Spotted Queen on this frame
Fifth Capped Honey
Sixth Capped Honey
Seventh Capped Honey
Eighth ??? ***
Ninth ??? ***
Tenth ??? ***
*** Sorry forgot to talk during the last frames, I’m glad we don’t have neighbours they would think I was crazy talking to myself by the bee hives *** Here are some photos of the day (Click on them to enlarge)
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