Storm in Auckland and the new Kiwimana Hive Roof

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Followers of our FaceBook page would have seen the terrible weather we had in Auckland over the weekend which inspired us to continue further work on our “Kiwimana Hive Roof” prototype. I spent time finishing off our prototype after visiting our local wood yard (also buying some more wood for other “ideas” and projects). The prototype uses baby corrugated iron (miniature version of standard corrugated roofing iron -very popular here in New Zealand). Here is a photo of the “The Kiwimana Hive Roof”:- As you can see, I have angled the roof to allow good rain fall, plus added a vent in the top of the roof to dispel any heat that would normally turn into condensation over humid days and in the winter season. I designed the eaves to sit wider than the hive box so as to provide more protection for the bees from the rain. We unfortunately know the cost of condensation which can kill a colony of bees by dripping cold water on them over the winter months and creating a very damp and weak hive. The prototype roof is finished now, so we will put it on one of our hives to test its performance over winter – we’ll let you know how it performs. If you are keen on registering your interest in our new product, please send us an email. Our address is [email protected] With the bad weather it prevented us from doing our full hive inspections but hopefully the weather will improve so we can do that this coming weekend. Indicators from previous inspections means that we need to remove the honey for extraction before autumn starts in New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Storm in Auckland and the new Kiwimana Hive Roof

    • Gary says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comment; yes we did the corrugated iron from Mitre 10.

      Yep that Sugar Shaking looks like a great idea and helps the build up resistance to diseases, by not doping them up with pesticides.

      If you do give it go send us some photos and we can post them on the blog for you.

      Check out the article we posted on Sugar Shaking here, it’s a great article.

      Also thanks to everyone that has expressed an interest in the Kiwimana Hive Roofs. We will get some more built soon.



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