Screened bottom board, We made our first one

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I finished our new Screened bottom board today, I added a Varroa Mite inspection mat that is just a piece of plastic. Part of the same sheet of plastic that is also the roof of our NUC box. The mat can be speared with a thin layer of Vaseline and then the mites get stuck on the board, which makes it easier to count them and also prevent them climbing back into the hive. Hopefully it will be a chemical free way of controlling Varroa. We will have to see if the Bee’s like the new base board, hopefully the new NUC will take off and this can be its base board.
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3 thoughts on “Screened bottom board, We made our first one

  1. Marcia says:

    Hi there, thanks for dropping into my blog – it is great to find more kiwis blogging about bees – we are few and far between !!
    You sound like you are enjoying this amazing journey with the bees – I love it and admit, without shame, that I am totally obsessed ..
    Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, I will try and help as much as I can.

  2. Matt says:

    Heh my screened bases look much rougher than yous! But they work… I use vege oil smeared over my plastic boards rather than vaseline… is easy with a basting brush, seems to work and is probably cheaper… =) Still not very good at counting mites though haha put the boards in today so will check tomorrow…

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