Sam Read Talks about her Pseudoscorpion Study – KM022

In this podcast we talk to Sam Read from Plant and food about her study of the Chelifer (Pseudoscorpion), Plant and Food are doing research to on the potential commercial propagation of chelifers for varroa control in honeybee hives. Sam is an Entomology Research Technician and works for Plant and Food Research in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We have seen Pseudoscorpions in our hives from time to time, but we find that mite treatments also remove the Pseudoscorpions, here is photo from one of our hives:-

Pseudoscorpion and Varroa Mites

If spot a Pseudoscorpion and you can help Sam in her research, her Contact details are:- [email protected] or Call on 022 4631324

Pseudoscorpion – Further Reading and Viewing

Here is the article from 2010 Margaret Mentioned in the introduction:- Update on natural mite fall…. Phil Chandler idea for a Deep Litter ‘Eco Floor’ for the Horizontal Top Bar Hive. This may make a great home for the Pseudoscorpion.

How to make an 'Eco Floor' for the Horizontal Top Bar Hive

You can read more about the Pseudoscorpion, here is an article from Wikipedia Pseudoscorpion

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