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This week we are talking about the Speed of 100, 20,000 Shakes, Zika Virus Murder and Provocative Ponderings.

As part of celebrating this 100th Episode – we’re excited that you guys took time to record and share some helpful messages – we’ll play these through the show.

Yes folks! This is Episode – One Hundred!!! of our beekeeping podcast.

This week we would like to thank all our Patrons, who support the work we do:-

We got here thanks to your kindness, enthusiasm and contributions…you helped us make it to 100 !

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Going to the USA!

…we have a message Hershel from Virginia:-

Birthday Greetings To Hershel for last week, finally 21 hey!!

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Welcome To the kiwimana buzz..

Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues and we are celebrating tonite…we also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues at times…

Now off to Australia!

Big Shout out to our listeners in Queensland this month. Did you know?

Queensland is known as the “Sunshine State” with over 300+ days of sunshine every year.

Hey guys, thanks for listening to our show, we know life is busy for you so really appreciate that you have taken the time to join us to celebrate today

We hear from Yappy Beeman in Louisiana
…Back to New Zealand…

What’s happening at kiwimana?



  • Yay One Hundred Episodes, who can believe we reached that many podcasts, here are some stats from the last fours years
    We released our very first show on 19 May 2012!!!! Wow Four years ago!
  • We have had over 163,704 downloads and we have been downloaded in over 154 countries!!! Countries from Albania to Zimbabwe…still no downloads in Greenland
  • Sending our love to everyone in the South Island effected by the recent Earthquake – still in repair mode, on-going 20,000 aftershocks and shakes
  • New Suggest a Guest Feature “Recommend a Guest


    Queen Bee Italian beauty
    Queen Bee Italian beauty
  • Been working on some Blogs Part One, Two and Three to help with identifying what the basics of starting beekeeping – part One released next week!
  • New Season Splits – 3 successful – 3 in holding-pattern
  • Working with beginner splitting their colonies 50/50 success rate but next two weeks will show true results
  • Apiary work still muddy and the grass growing well with the Bees enjoying foraging on what most would call “weeds”
  • Gary’s Bee photo on Instagram is HERE

Margaret Says…
Summer is officially here in New Zealand …I made the prediction that this season will be an excellent Honey producing season as our girls are collecting heaps of nectar…yeeehaaaaaÖlets see how Summer flow go’s.

Blog Recap – Top three Blog Posts Last Month

I love that our podcasts are your top choices folks, just know we have fun recording them for you and so grateful for your feedback such as Aaron’s comments which created a wonderful conversation and interest in “Treatment Free’ beekeeping endeavours; keep your views coming !


  1. Apiary Awesomeness in Splitsville
  2. Beekeeping 357 with Joe Lewis
  3. Beekeeping 101 (Seven Steps to becoming a Beekeeper)

Love this next message and this comes from USA…where humour joins teaching…

Ahhh…Howard’s book “Beekeeping for Dummies” was Garys first beekeeping book and it’s a goodie!!!! Interview coming soon…

Now…let’s head over to Australia with a tip from Andrew from Swarm Patrol

While we are in Australia, we have to express…our thanks to you Aussies who are investing in being cool’ in our kiwibreeze’ bee ventilated mesh suits and jackets, we appreciate you supporting us through these purchases. Cheers Guys.

And back to America – thanks so much for buying our ‘kiwi hive tool’ which is our kiwi-beekeepers crowbar. Awesome thrill for us to know you chose kiwimana : )

Feedback on last Months Blogs

Joe Lewis EP99


What a great podcast, I was very impressed with the amount of information on bees. Looking forward to your next one.

Thank you Margaret & Gary

FishermanAllen Sentance
Adelaide River,Australia

Beekeeping News


This article from the USA…What does Zika Virus and murder, have to do with this article? …it will probably not surprise you – we have had issues with a similar scenario here in West Auckland in NZed with the government’s way of dealing to the ëPainted Apple Moth’ issue about 13 years ago.

In this article by Lindsay Patton for the One Green Planet we discover five more reasons why we must save the bees.

If you’ve been paying attention to headlines, you’ve probably noticed that bees have been having a rough go at it. In early September, millions of bees were killed in South Carolina.
Bees are a huge contribution to our ecosystem’s sustainability. Not just that, but they are incredibly fascinating. Read these bee facts and find out for yourself.

The five facts are:-
  • Bee recognise Faces – Wonder if they know who their beekeeper is?
  • They Teach and Learn From Each Other
  • Despite What You Think, Swarms Aren’t Dangerous
  • Their Odorant Receptors Assist in Mating
  • Bees are Necessary For Our Planet’s Survival

Honey Bees are really struggling in the USA, but read this article to confirm your good work as a Beekeeper will give you motivation to keep up your efforts, saving these wonderful insects for our Earth’s future health – they are worth the effort !!!

5 Awesome Facts About Bees That Will Inspire You to Save Them

Your Feedback

Christopher Stephen Ibbertson – Now I’m really not trying to be a pain in the rear end but that’s a bloody fly ?????


An interestingly written article from Rusty from “” provokes some thinking for Beekeepers to contemplate…boy…it did get us thinking !

Let us know what your thoughts are after you have read it.
Gary supports Rusty’s ponderings in regards that you can sometimes you can do better things for the bees, than keeping.

Here’s an interesting fact

Wow “The estimates for the number of beekeepers who drop out in the first couple of years, is usually around 80%” !!!

It’s an odd thing, but I never encourage people to become beekeepers. Once someone decides to keep bees, I try to help them along and I enjoy that aspect. But I never try to convince anyone that beekeeping is a good idea. This arises, I think, from fundamental beliefs I have about bees in general.

We support:-

refraining from using pesticides, setting aside habitat, planting flowers, and teaching others about the role of bees in our lives will do more for them than owning a few colonies.

Why I don’t like beekeeping all that much

Your Feedback

Matt Brake – Great article. So honest and true.
Brendan Cunningham – Good article, well worth a read and soooo very true

More Feedback from our Listeners

We hear from Ron Miska from Canada, his book can be found HERE

Chris and Laura Enjoy another summer day in London
Chris and Laura Enjoy another summer day in London

Now we’re heading over to Britmana, in the North of England, UK or Great Britain as we also like to refer to

We hear from Christopher how Clear Crown Boards helps him to produce award winning honey.

Lets now head over the farm in Pennsylvania, in the US

We hear how Josiah Garber found a way to Stop Crazy Comb with Top Bar Frames

Check out Josiah Podcast over at The Farming Podcast

We interviewed Josiah back on EP37

Coming home to New Zealand with this article…


Capital gain, up on high there is a buzz building, yes in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, their central library has joined the ësave the bee’ movement, A short article sharing the news of Beehives up high.

From us …Yay Go Cenna, Local Flavour Honey Co have installed Beehives on top of Wellington’s library. The people of the capital rejoice.

Wellington Central Library was buzzing with excitement last Friday, as staff welcomed in their new rooftop beehives.

We wanted to be part of the movement to give a space for bees to multiply because we need bees so much. The first year we will act as a trial period and because of health and safety they are not accessible to the public…YET ì

Library buzzing with excitement over new beehives

Now staying in New Zealand in Auckland. Ernst from Coatesville called and left us this message about Using Door Mats for Hives???


Driving to the Diary at 100 mph 🙂

Well not really, but here is a video from seven years ago when we went to our local shops.

Questions from you

  1. How to Kill Paper Wasps – Raynard – Boston, USA
  2. Are Beehives Covered In Your Contents Insurance – Elizabeth – Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Why does my hive keep swarming? – Paul over the North Shore, Auckland

If you have a question, email us at [email protected] and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it. Or visit our speakpipe page HERE

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Feedback from You

More Fantastic – Voice Mails

Wow now we’re in Wyoming, let’s hear what “Michael Jordan – the Bee Whisperer” has to share…

Margaret having a big smile on her face as she listens to these great tips.

So …what’s smokin’ in South Carolina ? Here’s a great smoker tip from Steve Lawson
From the social media’s


Ian Hugh Manna

Pretty much everything is awesome with the show. Especially that you didn’t give it up after a few episodes! I like that your 6 months out from us …..keeps my noodle clanking in our off season.


Reflection we talk about what we have enjoyed about the podcast

Gary and Margaret disucuss what’s the your most memorable moment on the show?

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“Drive Real Fast” by Assisted Living

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    Thanks to my Kiwi friends for the birthday wishes! Loved the show and you both keep getting better with every episode. Hope all is well and looking forward to the next 100.

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