Remove Apistan from Honey 1 and Bought a Queen for Mokoroa

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Margaret Checking Frames
Busy day in the Bee Gardens today, here is what we did broken down by hive name.

Honey 1

We removed the Apistan Strips from Honey 1, it’s been seven weeks now. The Bees have expanded quite a lot, so it was time to put on a ¾ box of frames to start collecting some honey for the season.

We will do another Mite count soon to check if the Apistan had any effect.

We have been looking into the Dowda Method of Sugar Shaking the hive to treat for mites, we are not so happy putting pesticides in with our Bees (as in Apistan).

The bees were working hard today and very busy.

NUC (Mokoroa)

This is the NUC that was Queen less from our Queen Rearing Experiments, we purchased a new Queen from Dals Pollination on TradeMe. It was great to meet you guys and thanks for the equipment and the tips of Queen Rearing.

We placed her into the NUC in her Queen Cage with some candy in it. In a few days she should emerge from the cage after the candy has been eaten from both sides. We hope the Bees in the NUC will accept the new Queen, and she will lay lots of eggs and start building up a strong colony.

We will check the frame mid week to make sure she has been released.

Bethells 1

Margaret inspected this hive as well, she will be posting a separate blog entry for that inspection soon.

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