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Raymond Huber is a writer who was born in Christchurch, but now lives in Dunedin. He is married with three children and has written several children’s books about bees. His latest book is called “Flight of the Honey Bee” Raymond website is HERE, where you can read his blog and find out about his books.

Flight of the Honey Bee follows the adventures of a honey bee called “Scout”.

It’s Scouts first day away from the hive and he is going out to explore the world outside the hive. Scout encounters some hazards in his new world, including wasps, Birds and rain. Each page also includes some interesting fact about honey bees that relates to that page.

For example did you know that “Bees need to harvest nectar from over two millions flowers to make enough honey to fill a jar”. It’s a fantastic book and it would make a great present for the children in your life. It will show kids how important bees are to our world. You never know it might be the start of new beekeeper.

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Some of Raymond Huber’s Favorite Books

Raymond Huber
Raymond Huber

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