Raw Food – Making the change to the Raw Food lifestyle

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A Raw Food Meal for Two
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Raw Food Idea 3
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We met Kathy and Steve a couple of months back when they were over at kiwimana HQ picking up some beekeeping supplies.

They introduced us to their raw food diet lifestyle (…after we asked them if they would like bacon butties for lunch~! 🙂 …so we asked if they would share their great success in a Blog Post for kiwimana …so here we go… our thanks to Kathy and Steve…

Our Raw Food World

Firstly, thank you to Gary & Margaret for allowing me to express one of my passions on their blog, and that passion for me, has to be my health! My partner (Steve) and I made the transition about 8 years ago into the raw food world and it has been an experience!

Why? Our decision was purely based on wanting to be in the best health we can possibly be. After lots of research, following other raw foodists (mainly overseas) it seemed logical to us that eating food in its raw state seemed the best way for optimum health. We decided that as individuals, our health is paramount and our responsibility. You can have all the financial wealth in the world, but with illness and disease (which is mainly self imposed) you will not enjoy that wealth.

When you are truly healthy, you can expect to enjoy weight normalisation, big increase of energy, illnesses and diseases are drastically reduced if not, eliminated. Eating food in its most natural state, without the presence of pesticides, chemicals, flavourings, colour additives, (which are a major cause of disease) etc, digests much quicker, allowing the uptake of minerals, vitamins, good fats, etc straight to where it is needed. The body has to work as hard to break down processed food. For example meat, the main digestion of meat is when you chew it, it is not digested easily in your stomach in fact, it basically rots. The body is working very very hard calling on all your stomach enzymes to digest this meat and this is hard work for your body which contributes to ageing. That is why you sometimes feel like a sleep after a big meal… your body has worked hard to break it all down.

Like any change, it will require a reset. You will need to reset your past beliefs and conditioning around food which are not serving you and reset them to forming new healthy habits and beliefs that DO support changes to a healthier you.

Making the Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle…

100_1700My best advice would be to do it g r a d u a l l y to your current eating plan. Through experience, we both went into the raw food regime with a vengeance and we just lost too much weight and it gave us the ‘camp’ look. You can be 80-100% raw food and not look like you have an eating disorder, but like any change, it takes time, perseverance and a knowing that you are doing the best for you and your family. This time of year there is an abundance of salad foods, recipes are always at hand, magazines, internet, family, current recipe books with a little tweaking.

Please bear in mind that when I mention raw food, it has to be organic! The point of being into the raw food lifestyle is to eat food in its raw living state and if it has been sprayed, feed many chemicals in the ground then your health will not be at its optimum. When your food is in its raw state the living enzymes you consume give you the most nutrition it has to offer. When food has been cooked over 45 degrees Celsius, you instantly change the molecular structure of the food and have killed off most of the goodness. The next time you cook a piece of Broccoli, take a look at before and after and see the difference. If you are already a greenie, great! Going a little further will see you in better health.

How to make the change

100_1706Again, g r a d u a l l y …if you have a vege garden, then you have your diet at hand and adding a few herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, sprouts will see you getting a bigger variety in your diet. With Farmers-markets popping up everywhere now, (which is great to see) you will notice a bigger variety in greens, such as sprouts, different variety of lettuces, all sorts of green leaf. In my opinion if you don’t have a vegetable garden that you can raid, the Farmers-markets would be my next choice and you are also supporting your local community. The main thing is variety and balance. With a raw food diet you do have to do a little homework on getting a balance of iron, protein, calcium and a few others like B12 and carbohydrates. This is do-able, it’s all about a bit of reprogramming. The quickest way I can give this to you in a condensed form is to eat lots of, dark leafy greens, nuts, like Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Brazils, Chia seeds, Sesame seeds. Olive oil and Avocado’s are great for the good fats which we must have. Fruits, for vitamins and minerals, Flaxseed oil, Hemp oil, berries (with great antioxidants). Different salad sauces and infusions to keep it varied and yummy!
There really are a lot of dishes you can create with raw food.

Remember the change is for nourishing your body so it feels satisfied with the food you eat and not so much about how much you eat.

Illness & Disease prevention by eating Raw Food

Another big plus for the raw food lifestyle change is, when you do this, you also change your Alkaline/Acid state of your body. Many diseases & illnesses are due to an Acidic and Toxic body. Cancer for example, cannot live in an alkaline environment. Most living foods are alkaline with a few exceptions, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut out acid foods completely. In moderation, for example – tomatoes are acidic ( …I can’t think of a NZ summer without tomatoes!). When we eat raw living food then we are targeting the disease at its source, not treating the symptons with drugs and surgeries.

This article is not intended for you to go 100% raw, for me, I am about 80-90% raw. I still like a little cooked food, especially in winter, I make a vegan Dahl with lots of vegetables and Quinoa as my rice. I have organic Gluten free, GE free toast for breakfast along with my bowl of fruit with added Flax seed, Hemp powder, Chia seeds, etc. But if you can incorporate more raw organic living food into your diet with seeds, etc – I am certain you will have a lot more energy, your body will gradually adjust to its natural weight, any ailments you may have will gradually disappear.

If you have a specific ailment – there is almost always a food that will eliminate it.

Remember, medicines originally came from plants!

Now ‘they‘ put so many fillers and chemicals in drugs – that they have many side effects – so your doctor then has to prescribe another drug to treat the side effects… ugh !

100_1711Plants are your medicine and prevention is the cure.

I have kept this article very basic and it is intended to show you that you can achieve optimal health by keeping your diet simple, yet loaded with minerals, vitamins, good fats & antioxidants. The photos I have added are dishes that I have created to show you that you can create anything with raw food !

Again, if you wish to make a change, do it g r a d u a l l y… and have fun with it! …I AM!

Raw Blessings
Kathy Just 🙂

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