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This week we are talking about Beekeeping Gloves and will Banning neonicotinoids lead to more pesticide use? And “What is a Weta ??”

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Beekeeping News

Beekeeping Gloves: Are They Necessary? The Answer May Surprise You…

A post by GloryBee about beekeeping gloves, the author two reasons are Quality Preservation and Hand Protection.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, beekeeping tools such as beekeeping gloves are necessary for both protection and preservation.

Beekeeping Gloves: Are They Necessary? The Answer May Surprise You…

Your Feedback

Nathan Organ I don’t use them on my hives. I know them and their temperament and know that, if I work methodically and give the girls a chance to get out of the way, they don’t bother me.

Banning neonicotinoid agrichemicals likely to lead to greater pesticide use

Federated Farmers in New Zealand is arguing that neonicotinoid pesticide cause no issues as this class of pesticide is used differently in New Zealand. Calling Bull shit on this one.

Farmers may have to increase their agri-chemical use if the Environmental Protection Agency followed the European Union’s lead and banned neonicotinoid pesticides in crop production.

Banning neonicotinoid agrichemicals likely to lead to greater pesticide use

Here is the Rachel Carson Doco on Netflix:-
American Experience: Rachel Carson

Your Feedback

Joyce Kennedy Pesticide use will increase as long as farmers believe the con. Win Win for AG and Big Pharma.
Lyle Cairns I have a solution to all of this. Get rid of the state minimums and put some Joel salatin farming techniques and other modern permaculture techniques in action. It works it restores the land while making it produce more than the archaic Industrial Age farming methods ever have.
Gary Fawcett Amen brother, just reading Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring from 1962. We are still facing the same issues, the cycle needs to be broken if reliance on insecticides
Lyle Cairns Silent spring. I’ll have to pick it up. But it sounds like post ddt. Can you imagine waking up without your favorite bird sounds? I lived in a place where it all went away. It was hard. Progress seems to destroy the past. I only wish we didn’t have to destroy it to discover the progress made may not have been in the right direction.
Gary Fawcett There is great doco on Netflix about the book, check it out if you have Netflix Lyle, I don’t think anything has really changed. Other more people don’t believe the spin anymore. We talk about this on the next show.
kiwimana Rachel Carson wrote a book “ Silent Spring ” which I am reading at the mo she wrote it in late 1950’s and released in ’62….she talks of these issues back then !! Alarming
Jeffery Reader I think you miss the point. Rachel Carson wrote about DDT a sprayed insecticide. It killed everything. Neonics only affect the insects that feed on the plant. If they were banned farmers would go back to that type of insecticide.
kiwimana Jeffery Reader I don’t think I missed the point – I caught the link – the link to the companies saying how the chemical isn’t harmful…watch Netflix about Rachel. Sad to advise that neonics harm soil, humans, autism links, etc. It would be awesome if farmers went back to good quality food production, fed cows fresh grass, that farmers had diverse plantings, no added hormones, etc etc…the only reason that chemicals are used is because they plant one food (monocultures) so ideal for one pest species which leads to issues….Rachel Carson saw the big picture…still reading

Here’s a link which may bee of interest regarding studies being conducted
Human Health Studies Are Needed on Neonicotinoids

Here’s another link to :-
How do neonicotinoids work?

Bonus Content – We hear more from Jim Hepburn from episode 125

Hmmm interesting weta hotels love it….Great to hear Jim and Jill are helping out the birds

Here is what Weta’s look like:-

Well thanks for listening the bonus, show we will be back in a couple of weeks with an interview with ???

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