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We went along tonight to the Academy cinema on Lorne Street in Auckland city to attend the premiere of Queen of the Sun.

The young Greens organised a fund-raising night for the upcoming election campaign.

It was good to meet Vernon Tava one of the young Greens and discuss some issues affecting the bees in New Zealand. Vernon said a few words of introduction before the movie started.

The movie comprised of several different people discussing various aspects of Beekeeper in today’s world. I enjoyed the several sections on the history of the honey bee.

Gunther Hauk a biodynamic gardener and beekeeper from Spikenard Farm spoke at length about his farm and how he keeps bees, which was very interesting. He has written some books, I will have to try and see if I can get a copy.

The Almond pollination in California was also discussed, it was sad to see some beekeepers feeding their bees with Corn Syrup. Which I guess could be from genetically modified corn.

It was also discussed that by eating or collecting nectar from GM plants that this can change the bees DNA in the long term, what effect will this have for the bees?

Monocultures such as the Almond groves are not a bee friendly place, as there do not have enough feed for the bees. Except in the three weeks when the almond blooms. It was suggested that maybe other plants could be planted to assist the bees throughout the year and avoid the mass movement of bees into this area.

It was a great introduction the issues facing our bees today, it would be great if everyone gets to see the movie and I encourage you to go along and bring a non-beekeeping friend. This information needs to get out.

I liked that the movie also had some positive stories and inspired people to keep bees themselves. The movie ended with a list of things that you can do to help the bees. Things such as not using pesticides, growing a bee friendly garden and of course keeping bees.

It was also great that the movie included some Kiwi Beekeepers in it, I understand that director spends part of his time living in New Zealand.

After the movie finished Carol Downing of the Auckland Bee Club held a Question and Answer Segment, it was great to hear so many people were keen on keeping bees after the movie. Big thanks to Carol for making the time to do this for the community.

The movie starts in New Zealand at Rialto cinemas from 28 April 2011, they web sites can be located HERE or click on the movie poster above.

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  1. Vernon Tava says:

    Kia ora, it was a pleasure to meet you too! Thanks for the positive comments and please keep up the great mahi – for all of our sakes. Sue Kedgley MP is circulating a petition to protect the bees of Aotearoa, you can download it here: Petition Close Now

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