Q & A – Wax Moths and Swarm Prevention – KM149

This is Episode One hundred and forty Nine of our beekeeping show – Q & A – Wax Moths and Swarm Prevention

In this show we answer questions about Climate Change, Wax moths and Swarm Preventing and find that elusive Queen

We are Gary and Margaret, We are kiwimana.

kiwimana are beekeepers who keep bees on the Wild West Coast of Auckland in New Zealand. We love to teach about beekeeping. We sell beekeeping supplies and share information to help you keep honey bees organically.

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In this show we endeavour to answer some of your burning questions.

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This Months Questions

Climate Change

Climate change affecting flowering times and amount of nectar available (drought)

Benedict Hughes

Wax moths

Wax moths in one of 7 hives total take over. I believe my bee left first!

Joseph LeMaster

Swarm prevention

How do I prevent my bees from Swarming?


Link: How to split a Hive

Finding the Queen

Finding the Queen in so many bees and making splits


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End of the Show

Who helped us in bringing this show to you?

This week we would like to thanks:-

Nathan Buzzinga Beekeeping From Buzzinga Beekeeping, Trish Stretton, Greg Parr from Parrs Products, Christopher Brown, Sana Wynne-Lewis and Lisa Morrissey

Show Times

  • Climate Change 00:02:08
  • Wax moths 00:05:22
  • Swarm prevention 00:08:20
  • Finding the Queen 00:12:25
  • End of Show Ramble 00:17:58
  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:18:33

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