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This is Episode One hundred and forty seven of our beekeeping show – Setting up a Hive. In this show we answer questions about Setting up a Hive, Preparing for Winter and dealing with Nasty Bees.

We are Gary and Margaret, We are kiwimana.

kiwimana are beekeepers who keep bees on the Wild West Coast of Auckland in New Zealand. We love to teach about beekeeping. We sell beekeeping supplies and share information to help you keep honey bees organically.

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In this show we endeavour to answer some of your burning questions.

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This Months Questions

Setting up my hive

Setting up my hive correctly, and siting it

William Finch

Four hour drive

Availability of nucs and queens: a four+ hour drive is so far!


If you are in New Zealand, avoid driving a join a local Swarm list HERE

Preparing for Winter

Getting my hive through the winter.

Wintering down a hive, wondering. if I’ve done enough to get the girls through winter


Links Mentioned

Getting Hands on Experience

Getting hands on experience in working with bees.

Andy Cockcroft

Find at our Amazing Beekeepers Club Map HERE

Response About on Handling Nasty Bees

We got an answer from an unknown beekeeper, this is in response to Alan’s question from KM143

A good way to do this I was shown by an old time Beekeeper (back in the 1950s was to cut a square of heavy cardboard big enough to cover the super top.

Method: As soon as you take off the lid and cover board place the cardboard over the super.

Next slide the board across to expose the outside frame. Remove this one and place against the hive wall. Move the board again to expose the second frame and examine, replace in the hive. Repeat this for the next 3 frames then replace the outside frame. Now do the same on the other half of the super.

Keeping the frames covered at all times helps keep the Bees in the hive as you examine each frame. If windy it might pay to place a light weight on the board to stop it blowing off the super. Make sure as you slide the board you don’t lift it as this will agitate them. The true and tried way of course is to replace the Queen with a new young one.


Girls don’t want me around

Currently my biggest problem is knowing what to do when the girls don’t want me around and let me know with their tails.

Currently I walk away but this can be half way through a hive inspection so I have to find the courage to go back to put the hive back together and leave them in peace.

Peter Hernaman

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Show Times

  • Setting up a Hive 00:02:14
  • Four hour drive 00:06:33
  • Preparing for Winter 00:09:44
  • Getting Hands on Experience 00:13:39
  • Response About on Handling Nasty Bees 00:15:57
  • Girls don’t want me around 00:19:03
  • End of the Show 00:22:37

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