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This is Episode One hundred and fifty One of our beekeeping show – Do you have to keep bees warm over winter.

In this show we answer questions about Keeping Bee Warm, Mites, Robbing Bees and pesky wasps.

We are Gary and Margaret, We are kiwimana.

kiwimana are beekeepers who keep bees on the Wild West Coast of Auckland in New Zealand. We love to teach about beekeeping. We sell beekeeping supplies and share information to help you keep honey bees organically.

Every new subscriber that joins our free beekeeping newsletter is asked “What’s Your biggest Beekeeping problem”. In this show we endeavour to answer some of your burning questions.

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This Months Questions

Keeping Bees Warm Over Winter

This is my first year renting a beehive. We live in town. My beekeeper is holidaying in warmer climes for several weeks. How do I keep my beehive warm? Thought of wrapping bubble wrap around it. My husband is quite scathing of my babying of the beehive, but Beekeeper said the hive had gone back faster than he anticipated and put a nuc on top of the box. I would hate to lose my bees!!

Capping Scratcher – Checking for Varroa Mites

Bloody Varroa Mites

Mites! Mites! Mites! They wiped me out this year.

James Rogers

Links Mentioned:-

Margaret’s Course: Beekeeping Course Auckland…Seasonal Beehive Space Management

A Varroa Mite Nimbly Infests a Foraging Honey Bee on a Flower

Dealing with Robbing Bees

Trying to get a hive of my own started from a nuc in a large valley of bush/manuka/kanuka with hundreds of commercial hives in the same valley. After 3 years I finally have a strong hive that seems to be able to deal with robber bees, tried various methods to prevent robbing, but would appreciate hearing more. No-one appears to be winter feeding the commercial hives. So when I feed mine – langstroth deep frame feeder, no spillage – it came under attack until recently. Which I suppose could be other food sources have begun. Plus it is now 1 and a half brood boxes strong.


Links Mentioned:-

When Wasps Become a problem

Wasps!!! Mike

Self Deprecating Beekeeper

One dumbass beekeeper ( me) lol 🙂


My Bees have Absconded

My hive has been absconded


Is there a good Beekeepers Calendar for kiwi’s?

Annual beekeeper’s calendar for NZ – What to do when. Werner Sevenster

Great calendar in this book:

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Show Times

  • Keeping Bees Warm Over Winter 00:01:22
  • Mites! Mites! Mites! 00:05:08
  • Dealing with Robbing Bees 00:13:40
  • When Wasps Become a problem 00:16:53
  • Self Deprecating Beekeeper 00:18:44
  • My Bees have Absconded 00:20:31
  • Is there a good Beekeepers Calendar for kiwi’s? 00:24:06
  • Who helped bring the show to you? 00:27:04

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