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Beekeepers Q&A - Getting Ready for Winter

This is Episode One hundred and fifty nine of our beekeeping show “Getting Ready for Winter”.

In this Live Q&A show we answer questions about Api Life Var and New Queens, where to put a box and Losing a Queen. Plus we take questions from the live audience.

We are Gary and Margaret, We are kiwimana.

kiwimana are beekeepers who keep bees on the Wild West Coast of Auckland in New Zealand. We love to teach about beekeeping. We sell beekeeping supplies and share information to help you keep honey bees organically.

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In this show we endeavour to answer some questions buzzing around in your head…

Thanks for joining us today, we appreciate that you have taken time to listen.

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This Week in Beebooks

We catch up with Jerry Burbidge from Northern Bee Books about a great bee book of the week.

Keeping Healthy Honey Bees by David Aston and Sally Bucknall

This title is a significant addition to the beekeeping literature on Integrated Bee Health Management. David Aston, a past President of the BBKA and Sally Bucknall, Chair of Garden Organic have jointly written a volume that should be on every beekeepers reading list.

Get this book

This book is available Now from Northern Bee Books Here

This book is also available from Amazon HERE

This Months Questions

  1. Should you use Api Life Var in a Hive with New Queen?…Greg
  2. Should you remove the Queen Excluder over the Winter Months…Mike
  3. What are my options, I have lost my Queen…Dan

Plus many other Questions from the Live Audience.

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