Q and A – Finding Bees and stopping wasps – KM143

This is Episode One hundred and forty three of our beekeeping show – Finding Bees and stopping wasps.

In this show we answer questions about finding Bees, stopping wasps and Winter Preparations.

We are Gary and Margaret, We are kiwimana.

Kiwimana are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges on the wild west coast of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand.

We build and sell beekeeping equipment and bees, provide Beekeeper services and education.

Every new subscriber that joins our free beekeeping newsletter is asked “What’s Your biggest Beekeeping problem” In this show we endeavour to answer some of your burning questions.

Thanks for joining us today, we appreciate that you have taken time to listen.

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This months Questions

Finding Bees – How Find Bees For Free

First up with a couple of questions on how to obtain Bees. Catching a swarm as I can not afford to purchase them. I want to do a top bar I have the hive built and made a swarm trap NUC box with super swarm commander lure. But nothing yet

David Workman


Obtaining Bees


Some Useful links that will help

Getting Ready for Winter

How to prepare our hive for winter! We gathered a swarm on Christmas Day to start our hive which up until then has been a decoration in the garden, as my late father was an apiarist and I grew up with bees but didn’t take a great deal of interest in them then!


Some Useful links that will help

Wasps – How to stop them killing your bees

Wasps robbed and killed my bees last summer, I have to start all over. Ordered Two families and want to keep them safe from wasps


Some Useful links that will help

  • New Robbing Screen Article – Coming Soon
  • Learn more about Vespex HERE

Aggressive bees – What do I do?

Aggressive bees. What to do? If you just don’t change the queen?


We share some tips to help with Aggressive bees including some ideas using witch craft :-).

Tutin in Kawerau

Do you have trouble with tutin in Kawerau – Peter

The only real way to be sure is to get it tested via Hills Laboratories or Analytica

Government Madness in Florida

The State Apiary Inspection service requires residents to sign a Best Management Requirement (BMR) form in FL that states that feral swarms & feral colonies will be requeened with a queen of European Honey Bee genetics. Even if the swarm / feral colony is not Africanized & has gentle European genetics.

We need to stop killing queens that have European Honey Bee genetics in feral colonies & swarms. Hopefully this Best Management Requirement will be reviewed in Florida soon & get changed to help encourage survivor stock of European Honey Bee genetics to remain in our environment.

Chris Stalder, Environmental Scientist

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Show Times

  • Finding Bees – How Find Bees For Free 00:01:04
  • Getting Ready for Winter 00:03:41
  • Wasps – How to stop them killing your bees 00:06:48
  • Aggressive bees – What do I do? 00:12:04
  • Tutin in Kawerau 00:15:33
  • Government Madness in Florida 00:16:46
  • End of the Show 00:19:40

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