Podcast Advertising – Advertise on our Beekeeping Podcast

Are you trying to reach customers that love Beekeeping and Gardening? Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Have you thought about podcast advertising?

Let’s us promote your product or company to our audience of Beekeepers and keen Gardeners.

You will find our full Media Kit HERE, which details our reach and demographic data.

Placing of Your Advert

Your advert might appear at the very beginning of an episode, the very end, or somewhere in between. These slots are known as:

  1. Pre-Roll – Before the content starts
  2. Mid-Roll – during the main content of the episode
  3. Post-Roll – After the content has finished

Mid-roll is the most desired spot (and thus, the most expensive). Listeners are less likely to skip this content. Post-roll is the least optimal position for an ad, but it’s also the cheapest.

We produce two to three shows per calendar month.

Here are our current advertising rates

  • We work on a CPM model and figures are based on unique downloads per thousand.
  • Prices are all in US Dollars
  • The minimum Purchase period is Six Episodes.

Contact Gary in the first instance to discuss and see if your product or Brand would be a fit for our listeners.

Thanks for supporting what we do at kiwimana.

Gary and Margaret

Here are our current advertising rates

TypeCost per 1000 ($USD)Current Rate (Per Show)
Pre-Roll – Host Read (15 Seconds)$23*** POA ***
Mid-Roll – Host Read (60 Seconds)$30 *** POA ***
Post-Roll – Host Read (30 Seconds)$15 *** POA ***

Does Podcast Advertising Actually Work?

Read this article from Eric Siu from Single Grain – HERE

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