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This week we are talking about Go the Indians, killer backyard beekeepers, drunken fencing incident stings couple (and who said kiwis have an accent!) and the riddle of Manuka honey. This is Episode Ninety Six of our beekeeping podcast.

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Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

It’s Spring in New Zealand, and we recorded this in September 2016. But Get your Vitamin D out kiwis – the sun is struggling to shine – a dull Spring so far.

Big Shoutout to our listeners in Missouri in the United States this month.

Did you know – Harry Truman was the only Missouri-born person to become the President of the United States

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  • Bananas – this was an article saying bananas are going to demise, then there is mention of ‘fungicides’ and chemicals needed to ‘save’ the banana from death – sounds like a conspiracy to frighten folks into getting the banana growers to ‘buy’ chemicals also talk of ‘modifying’ the banana to ‘prevent’ the spread of bacteria…sounds like a GMO corporate propaganda…then using scientists to ‘explain’ the threat to us peasants !!! Oh these people make me angry – I ask ‘where did the spore come from?????? That is creating this problem…and wouldn’t the banana industry which is a popular, multi-million dollar industry and huge world-wide product be a great cash-cow to ‘save’???!

    Here is the article mentioned:-
    Bananas may be extinct in five years Read More Here

  • Survival of the fittest – Top Bar doing well
  • Beekeeper services delayed because of the flu – sorry folks but hope to be back in the saddle soon

Blog Recap – Top three Blog Posts Last Month


Beekeeping News

Something is wrong in the world of Manuka Madness, is all Manuka really from Manuka Trees?

Export Beekeepers need to now be registered to export.

Manuka honey contains a unique and vital ingredient called methylglyoxal (MGO) , Better testing for this should solve issue?

How does this happen? Why is true Manuka so valuable in its pure form – well celebrities know why…

More jars of expensive manuka honey are being sold in Britain and around the world than are being produced.
The prized honey originates from New Zealand, yet demand is so high that supply cannot keep up.

Riddle of how 1,700 tons of manuka honey are made… but 10,000 are sold

Your Feedback

Edward, Waikato – I saw the talk of the book ‘the biography of an extraordinary Honey’ (that kiwimana did) about how Manuka honey properties were discovered. It is so important to keep our honey real. – email

William Robb Snr – Well considering a NZ buyer who I cannot name, just bought 3 tonnes of Australian jelly bush honey (mgo600–700) off me to market as NZ manuka no doubt? The question has been answered I hope.
As there is a lot of buying going on here in Aus right now to send across the ditch.
Stephen Stewart – Sugar and water?
James Moore – smoke and mirrors!
Chris Cundiff – How can I get REAL manuka?

….picture this…a lone beehive sitting quietly on the side of the road, next to power pole, then….it gets attacked by drunk couple with their car and best part of this story is the brave farmer sharing his rescue story, distraction reporting – cause I was more worried about the Bees !!

km096_bee-hive-crashReport from WKYT in Lexington, Kentucky about a drunk couple that crashed their sweet Geo Tracker into a utility pole, disturbing a hive of bees, which then proceeded to attack them. Because if there’s one thing bees can’t stand, it’s a drunk driver. Thankfully, local resident Gary Lee Anderson was there to retell the events.

Drunk Couple Crash Car Into Beehive

Your Feedback

Cenna Lloyd – ’Merica.

Alanya Claire – Lol… Oh my

Chris Andrews – I need subtitles!

Margaret asks…is it true that backyard or urban beekeepers are killing Honey Bees, well this story spreads some views which claim this is very definitely the case….

km096_colony-killing-mistake-backyard-beekeepers-makeYou can get the book learning. You can see the YouTubes. You can be told by others,” he said, but “you have to have hands-on experience. When you start putting it all together, it now starts making sense.
Scientists wish every beginner was as diligent.”

Here’s the colony-killing mistake backyard beekeepers make

Your Feedback

(Feisty talk on this one)

Sam from South Island, NZ – phoned us to say – beginners are a real pain
Paul, West Auckland – too many are idiots who don’t know what they are doing
Lyle Cairns – I struggle to understand how a mite issue in a hive miles away equates to a mite issue with my bees. Any enlightenment please?
Margaret – kiwimana – It’s all about foraging we even saw a varroa on the pollen sacks of one of our girls when she came home…then varroa breeding, and no monitoring – without monitoring they can double population in 30 days – monitoring regularly is the key…natural mite fall using an inspection board, sugar shake counts, cell checks, drone management.

GARY (This article is a must-read for buyers or consumers of weed killers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides)

MARGARET ….because farmers from India, so Indian Farmers – Plant Indigenous Seeds and their government is supporting their farmers this is …fantastic …we should all be doing this in our countries and local areas – we need to say yes to natural native seeds…..however this article talks about the costs involved for the people and farmers of India to finally get to this point…

km096_monsanto-is-losing-millionsAfter the deaths of more than 200.000 farmers for the past 10 years, it seems that this company will finally pay for its misdeeds. The government in India has finally decided to actively promote the use of indigenous seed. In addition, they want to get rid from Monsanto and its products.

Monsanto Is Losing Millions. Indian Farmers Plant Indigenous Seeds

Your Feedback

Margaret – you guessed it – sad to think of loss of life but also the cost to the environment for these farmers and local families – shame on Monsanto and shame on their CEO and board members for agreeing to this kind of business model !!!!

Margaret sounds painful !!! A prick of a thing? Some analysis of crystalisation in Honey.

The primary causes of granulation are the honey glucose-to-moisture ratio

Interestingly – Tupelo honey almost never Garanulates

Granulation can be a big expensive problem for some beekeepers, but others never see combs of crystallized honey. Along north Florida’s Apalachicola River, beekeepers produce tupelo honey which almost never granulates. But in northern, dry regions of the plains and prairies, canola honey may crystallize in the hive a week after bees store it.

(it appears that previous articles explain that crystallisation is merely because there is a change of temperature – so it appears if you keep your honey at the ‘normal daytime temperature you can avoid crystalisation)
Can’t Get it out of the Comb?

This article from UK gives some basic info about becoming a beekeeper.

GARY (get a haircut and get a real job….oh nah …want to live the dream)
An interview with Hannah Reeves an apprentice Beekeeper for the London Honey Company. An article from the TimeOut Magazine in London. Interesting to hear they do they travel to the different bee sites by Tube.

….What’s a typical working day like?
‘That depends on whether I’m doing beekeeping or production. Production involves extracting the honey, bottling it, labelling and doing all the nice packaging. If you’re beekeeping, you’ll have an early start of 6am or 7am to get the tube to check the bees. We’ve got 12 sites in London, including the Tate Modern and Tate Britain, and the honeys taste quite different.’

Quit your job, become a…beekeeper


Enterprising youngsters in the South Island put together a project creating a buzz by building
outside the box, the honey box that is – great local story

On the last podcast we talked about a project where school children were making unused / vacant land productive, here’s another story – which gives me faith in our kids futures.

Kaikorai Valley College pupils Nadia Paine, Bella Richmond-Grant, Kes Johnstone and Ashley Arthur have established Kaika BeeCo – a Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme which manufactures beehives called Honey Huts.

Pupils’ ‘Honey Huts’ creating buzz nationwide


Questions from you

photo credit: Steven Vance via photopin cc
photo credit: Steven Vance via photopin cc
  • When is best time to transport bees you buy on line – Brandee – Dallas, USA

    We have a article about this HERE
  • How do beekeepers keep hornets away? – Bryson – York, England
  • James from Japan Podcast is HERE

  • How to attract a swarm of honey bees – Zena – Christchurch, New Zealand

If you have a question, email us at [email protected] and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it. Or visit our speakpipe page HERE

Random Review

Access from the rear so a natural mite fall count can be done in a non-invasive manner
Access from the rear so a natural mite fall count can be done in a non-invasive manner

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Great Resource Interesting Content – Rabid_Rooster – 5 Stars – United States of America

Binged on 10 or so episodes this weekend while decluttering my office. I like the combination of interviews and original content from Gary and Margaret. They mix up the content enough and have the chops and personality to keep up the show for many many years to come. I also appreciate that they cross pollinate and promote other quality podcasts and individuals which increases the value of listening to kiwimana buzz. Keep up the excellent work. – Tuesday, 6 September 2016

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