Picking up the Hawthorn swarm – Part 3 “Third time is the Charm”

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I headed out to work on the Remuera swarm again, hopefully third time lucky. I spoke to Peter from the Franklin bee-club who suggested we take some old comb to attract them. Which I had done last time, but this time I also took a frame of capped honey from our stores. What I did was put some old honey frames into a hive box, raised it up to meet the top of the cluster and started smoking them from the bottom slowly the cluster moved upwards into the hive box. A slow process that I am watching as I write this blog post. Hopefully we will get all the bees and then I can get home to help Margaret move the firewood. This swarm work isn’t helping me much doing my domestic duties. Love you Margaret 🙂 I guess I could have waited for the bees to slowly move into the box, but time is money and we had another swarm to investigate in Glen Eden. So when the bees had made a gap at the bottom I put my swarm sheet below them and then shook the fence and hedge. The main cluster fell onto the sheet. I then placed them into the hive. We must have got the Queen, due to frantic bee fanning and the more determined walk into the hive from the rest of the girls. Job done and no bees left on the old spot of the swarm. Which had a bit of Wax on it, so I suspect the bees have been here a while. Customer happy and another hive of bees rescued from Auckland’s weather. Welcome to Kiwimana “Remuera 1” found 22 kms from KiwiMana HQ. Here are all the photos (Click to enlarge them):-
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