Picking up the Hawthorn swarm – Part 1

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Tonight we got a call from Tom Dixon the Auckland bee club swarm co-ordinator about a bee swarm in Remuera.

We arrived to discover that the swarm had taken up residence in the middle of a hawthorn bush. A difficult proposal indeed.

We tried to brush some bees into the new hive, but they were too intertwined within the bush.

We left a hive near the base of the swarm, bees were fanning at the base of the hive so hopefully the rest of the swarm will make their way into the hive box tomorrow when the sun comes out.

Big thanks the home owner Nick for reporting the swarm. We will return tomorrow to see what we can do.

By the way if you do see a swarm in your area in Auckland, check out the new Swarm pick up web page at http://auckbeeclub.org/SwarmControl. Lets all work together to save the bees.

2 thoughts on “Picking up the Hawthorn swarm – Part 1

    • Gary says:

      Thanks Phillipa, be sure to follow the blog and see what happens next with our adventures…Hope everything is going well down in Christchurch for you guys…See ya…Gary

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