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Welcome to the sixteenth podcast from the team at kiwimana. This week we had a chat with Phil Chandler The Barefoot Beekeeper and Kevin Inglin BK Corner Podcast.

This was a very special podcast, we brought together all the regular beekeeping podcasters to discuss beekeeping news. Hopefully we can make this a regular thing. Please comment below if you enjoyed the show.

Phil Chandler better known as the “The Barefoot Beekeeper” is committed to finding better and more natural ways to keep bees. He is keen on keeping bees with minimum disruption in the bees daily lives. Phil also has his own podcast, his web site can be found HERE.

Phil has also released a book in 2007 called “The Barefoot Beekeeper”, where he discusses his method and Philosophy in more depth.

Kevin Palmer from the BK Corner Podcast is a sideline hobbyist beekeeper from New Jersey. He is keen on learning more about the bees and shares his thoughts and Kevin moments on the great BK Corner Podcast.

I encourage you to check out both of these guys podcasts and web sites.

Here is the full Video of the chat:-

Show Notes

Kevin – Dr. Peter Teal – Mites and Varroa, This is Really Cool

New developments in the battle with Small Hive Beatles and the Varroa Mites. Is this the answer to the Small Hive Bettle and Varroa Mites?

This was from the American Beekeeping Federation conference, There web site is located HERE.

Gary – Crop pesticides are ‘killing our bees’ – says MEP

Full article is located HERE

Phils Bee Charity

Friends of the bees, Web site can be found HERE.

Deep Floor Idea for Top Bar Hives


Michael Bush’s Website

Michaels Bush Videos are at

Linda’s bee Blog Website is located HERE

Home Depot Stores in England Banning Neonicoids

The full article is located HERE

Kevin is building a Topbar Hive

Here is the LINK for the plans on Phil’s site.
Phil discussed the difference between the top bar hive compared to other hive types.

Our Quilt Levels

Here is some pictures of the our Quilt level, check out this POST

Phil’s Interview with Murray McGregor

Phil’s podcast can be located HERE

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5 thoughts on “Phil Chandler and Kevin Inglin – KM016

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  2. Avatar photo
    Bee says:

    These guys are great, aren’t they? I like the way you have brought together beekeepers from across the globe on the show – nice work.

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Thanks Matt,

      Yes we love to get different views from around the world, and its great to see that people all around the world are bonded for their love of these little furry insects.

      Thanks for the feedback…Gary

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