What is Patreon – and why we are using it?


We want to introduce you to Patreon. It is something that you can be a part of without having to do any work as we will do the work for you.

By joining the kiwimana buzz through Patreon this will give you the opportunity to actively be part of our work in saving the humble honey bee.

We currently actively research, share information and teach in the field of Beekeeping. We are building a community of backyard urban beekeepers. We do this by providing a free newsletter, writing blogs and recording podcasts. We provide training opportunities. We grow bees in our apiary which is used for educational training purposes.

Your contribution through Patreon can be as much as a million dollars 🙂 or simply one dollar! This will come to us once a month. You will be helping build a legacy of a library of resources for future generations. Your commitment to us through Patreon will enable us to continue building the library and the contribution you provide is a recognition of the work we do and your support of it.

Gary and Margaret_smallUltimately kiwimana would like to create jobs, increase our apiary and further develop our education programs and business model – with your participation through Patreon we’ll have a strong foundation for these works to build from. We want to grow our business but we need your help.

Already we provide free newsletters and content, this is our way of creating awareness of the plight of the honey bee and other pollinators , their plight which affects our environment and eventually us.

We want to let you know you can help.

Our purpose, to create awareness, our vision, to see Bees flourish to see fresh nutritious food growing from our land. Healthy trees and flowers which contributes to fresh air and a wider variety of foraging foods. We’ll use Sustainable practices, build stronger healthy genetics.

Bee part of the kiwimana buzz, support us to create a sustainable legacy – through your contributions – you will make these things possible.

Need to know more about Patreon, Please watch of this short video:-

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