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photo credit: garryknight via photopin cc
photo credit: garryknight via photopin cc

New Zealand Podcasts – As you may know we have a podcast, the kiwimana buzz beekeeping podcast. But are there are any other New Zealand Podcasts? This was question we hope to answer with this article. We complied this list of New Zealand podcasts that we thought our listener and readers would like, if you know of any others please comment below:- These are all New Zealand based podcasts and have released a episode in the last three months. If you we are missing any New Zealand Podcasts please comment below:-

Great New Zealand Podcasts for beekeepers


A great podcast and radio show, featuring Tim Lynch and Lisa Er who interviews people from around the world on all sorts of issues, mainly environmentally and spiritual issues.


The daily update from Radio New Zealand, it features Rural news from New Zealand. The updates also has beekeeping related news. News that is often not found anyway else in the media.

Regional Rural weather wrap up, the show discusses weather and market news regarding farming. Very handy for the weather forecast for the next couple of days,

Other New Zealand Podcasts…

Country Life

Quote from their website:- A weekly programme of issues and stories of particular concern to the rural community, and also of interest to a general audience.

Nerd Zealand

A weekly podcast presented by Jono Marks, Jono takes a humorous look at New Zealand news and his views in it. Web ***Warning Explicit Language ***

Drive life nz

A show by Roger Baillie that interviews people involved with cars and motor sports in New Zealand.

CUSP is the Completely Unnecessary Skeptical Podcast, the hosts Craig, Siouxsie and Nathan discuss science topics and news from Skeptical and New Zealand point of view.
***Warning Explicit Language ***

Our Changing World

Each week Our Changing World features an eclectic mix of sound-rich stories about science, the environment and medical research, recorded around New Zealand in labs and in the field.

NZ History

Lectures from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage about historic New Zealand events, there has been some great talks on this podcast about kiwi History.

NZ Vegan Podcast

Elizabeth Collins presents a podcast about her Vegan lifestyle adventures in New Zealand.

Mark Honeybone discusses property issues including investing and interviews people in the property market.

Matthew Cutler-Welsh discusses houses and how to make them sustainable for New Zealand conditions. He interviews kiwi’s that have built houses. From itunes:-Inspiring people to create healthy, efficient homes that don’t cost the Earth. Sustainable housing expert Matthew Cutler-Welsh shares tips, tricks and trends in green home building and remodeling. Matthew is a trained engineer and has worked in various programmes aimed at making homes more sustainable. In this podcast series, we bring designers, architects and product experts in to discuss how to make homes stylish and green.

Other Beekeeper podcasts

Don’t forget we have an updated list of Beekeeping podcasts from around the world HERE

Any others

Do you know of any other New Zealand podcasts, we would love to hear comment below or send us an email.

9 thoughts on “New Zealand Podcasts – you might also like

  1. Avatar photo
    Graham FB says:

    I run the secret wellington twitter and facebook entity’s . I have been playing wit the idea of a “Internet radio’ that plays kiwi content . How does it work if I wanted to take your podcast and say play it at 6pm on every Wednesday say , as an example. Meaning I presume I should ask your permission ? Would you see it as a benefit? We are not looking at the moment to make money form this , just as an exercise at present. We would obviously be looking at as many podcasts as we could find that are NZ related.

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Hi Graham,
      Yes that sounds like a great idea. We are happy for you to play our show. Always happy for our show to be exposed to new audience.

      Drop me a line when you have it underway, so we can check it out.

      Also check out for other shows.

      Gary Fawcett

  2. Avatar photo
    Ryan Ferris says:

    Hey Gary and team, great list, and great podcast!

    I’m writing as I have a New Zealand-based podcast that you might like to add

    About us:

    Rational exploration of stories, ideas, technology, philosophy…long form discussion where we attempt to go deeper, while maintaining a candid conversation.

    Cosmic Tortoise podcast is like you’re hanging out in the room with us.
    New podcast every 2 weeks.

    So far we have had the story of a Syrian Refugee, a coffee expert, a rising Christchurch singer (Emily C. Browning) and a bee keeper, upcoming guests include a chimp research team, an animal sentience specialist and Stanley Krippner (contemporary of Timothy Leary and Alan Watts).

    If you’re interested you can find us at the website below.

    Cheers, keep up the great work and please fire away if you have any questions.


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