New Start with Bethells 1

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We purchased a new NUC from Rosemary today. The new colony has been named Bethells after our favourite beach. Bethells Beach isn’t too far from the Kiwimana HQ. We are very lucky to be so close to such a great place. We have placed this hive in a sunnier part of the bee garden. We have also put the concrete slab on two pieces of wood. So the hive is further off the ground. Hopefully this will prevent the mud splashing up from the ground. We think this splashing up from the heavy Waitakere rains isn’t good for the bees. Margaret transferred the NUC into a brood box using full-sized frames today. The bees are enjoying their new home. They were out this morning coming and going and exploring their new neighbourhood.
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2 thoughts on “New Start with Bethells 1

  1. Graham says:

    Hey Guys!
    Pleased to see you have a new nuc! Good luck with it.
    I guess you have researched the feeding needs of nucs?
    Dived into my boxes today and was pleased with progress. Right on target for the main nectar flow! Yay!

    • Gary says:

      Hi Graham, Thanks for the comment.

      Yes the NUC is collecting loads of Nectar and we have giving them a frame full of honey, so all good.

      Lets hope they except the new Queen when we gets out of her cage.

      See ya…Gary

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