New NUC Box

New NUC Box Yesterday we finished building out new NUC box; we also bought a new bench saw which helped a lot getting the cheap wood to be square. Finding Tin for the roof was hard work, so I decided to use a piece of plastic sheeting to hopefully make the box waterproof. Top View Roof Detail I have painted the box on the outside white; it should be protected from the elements. We may need this when we next open up Goldie as I suspect swarm cells are being worked on, as was the case on the Honey 1 inspection.

2 thoughts on “New NUC Box

  1. Matt says:

    Hi guys just been looking through your site for the first time… Apparently used printers plates are ideal for hive roofs… Think they are aluminium?
    I too started beekeeping last October, in Massey so not far from you! Im not a chippie so bought my hiveware from ceracell and ecroyd… Got a new queen coming tomorrow from so excited about that. Drop us an email if you like =)

    • kiwimana says:

      Hi Matt,

      Great to hear from you, the printer plates sound like a good idea. I will have to ask around about them.

      Thanks for the link to Queen Bee’s as well.

      See ya…Gary

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