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Nice Frame of Honey with some New Beekeepers Hi Everyone, We had a busy weekend with some New Beekeepers visiting the kiwimana apiary. Our visitors were a family interested in looking into Beekeeping and wanted to experience someone working with the Bees, so we were happy to oblige. I think this is a great idea and would suggest this to anyone looking into Beekeeping …go and meet with a local Beekeeper and go to a local Bee club, they will bee happy to help. It was a great morning with sun shining – we started early so the Bees weren’t too hot. Gary was our hivemaster and I was the photographer. Gary set-up the smoker and prepared his gear and a 3/4 box of frames with wax & wire. The hive inspected was Remuera, which at the beeginning of the season, got off to a pretty slow start, but as you can see from the photo’s – is absolutely chockablock now! It was apparent that they needed more space so Gary added the 3/4 box. The kiwimana drone management frame which Gary inspected had varroa, so a treatment with Api Life Var above the brood was added. Gary cut out the drones cells and replaced the KDMF in to the hive, then the cut-out cells were placed in to our wax-melter. The treatment will be repeated in 7 days. Our visitors asked lots of questions, giving us opportunities to share our knowledge. All in all it was a good morning – Gary was definitely ready for a cuppa ! ….then we all had a bit of a chat, then our visitors were on their way. Lets keep enjoying this weather while we can…the Bees are : ) and they are still bringing in nectar! Thanks for supporting kiwimana….it’s the kiwimana buzz… Margaret Here are all the photos:-

2 thoughts on “New Beekeepers visit kiwimana

  1. Jacqui says:

    Thanks so much for having us around. You were so generous with your knowledge and gave us a excellent idea of what is involved – from set-up to clothing and varroa treatment….and beyond!

    Bless you guys 🙂

    • Gary Fawcett says:

      Thanks Jacqui for coming over, it was great to meet you all. We will have to get you around again for more inspections.



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